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FREE Classified Ads!

KHTR Hit Radio, KQQQ NewsTalk and Cactus Computer & Internet have teamed up to bring you the best value in classified advertising - FREE classified ads promoted on the Radio!*  You may have up to ten classified ads running simultaneously free of charge. FREE classified ads are for personal property only including business personal property.  Classified ads selling business inventory and services are charged a small fee.

The advantage to the seller of our FREE online classifieds is that you can sell some of those more unusual items that you would never think to place in a paid newspaper classified.  The advantage to the buyer is that you can find a much larger variety of items for sale than in a newspaper classified section including many low cost and free items.

Update (Oct 2, 2009) has passed the PCI DSS compliance testing, which means it has been tested by Security Metrics to determine if personally identifying information could be stolen by a hacker using know attacks against the server hosting the website.  The attacks failed and we are now PCI DSS certified.

This testing is now a requirement for any site that processes credit card information directly through an Internet Gateway Processor, which does.

Update (Apr 10, 2009)

To give paid business ads more exposure, business ads now stick to the top of the category columns - similar to the way Google does it.  Even if you are not a business you can take advantage of this by paying for your ad, currently $10 per month.  This improved placement will be especially helpful selling items in the more popular categories.

We have noticed, for paid business ads, that some people are having a hard time finding the checkout button.  It is in the menu on the left.  I'll see about making this more visible.

Update (Feb 11, 2009)

In an effort to reduce postings by people outside the US, we are now checking the user's IP address to determine their country of origin.  This is not a perfect science, so if you see a notice stating you cannot post an ad because you reside outside the US, and you are in the US, send an email to and we will check your IP address by hand against which is always 100% up to date.

Update (Jan 19, 2009)

We can now accept credit card payment for business classified ads.  The credit cards are processed through First Data(TM) and the web pages are secured by a GeoTrust(TM) certificate.  All business ads that were place prior to today will be invisible until renewed and paid.  They haven't been deleted; they are just invisible until renewed.

I should also mention that no credit card numbers are stored, even temporarily, on any of our servers.

We upped the number of personal items and notices you may place from five to ten.  Please do not place ads in inappropriate categories.

An advertiser asked that we caution people to beware of out of area buyers.  Indeed, PalouseAds was intended for local face-to-face transactions.  The most common scam is for someone out of area to send you a cashier's check and ask you to send the item to them along with any money left over after shipping.  You send them the item, pay the shipping and send the left over money only to be told by your bank a week later that the check was forged.  The FBI will do nothing if the amount was under $10,000, so you are just out of luck.  There are also a lot of pet scams, so make sure you have your new friend in hand BEFORE you hand over your money.

* PalouseAds as a whole, not individual classified ads, is promoted on the radio greatly increasing readership through "The Power of Radio Advertising".

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