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Reloaders: Super 50% off Pistol Lead/Copper Plated Bullets. Lewiston
NOTE: Bullets (projectiles) ONLY (not reloaded cartridges). ALL 50% off today's Prices. LEAD CAST: Economical practice shooting. ALL are A-ZONE, Billings, MT 1. 38/357 (.358 dia) 158gn RN. $50 per 1K. 2K avail. 2. 9mm (.357 dia) 125gn RN. $50 per 1K. 3,400 rds avail. 3. 44 cal (.430 dia) 240gn SWC. $63 per 1K. 1K avail. COPPER PLATED: Req'd in Glock - Lead not recommended - heavy fouling. 1. 9mm (.356 dia) 147gn RN Match. Montana Gold Kalispell, MT. $70 per 1K. 1K avail. 2. 10mm/40SW (.400 dia) 180gn RN. X-TREME, Carson City, NV. $38 per 500. 500 avail. Factory Jacketed: 10mm/40SW (.400 dia) 180gn Hornady XTP. 250 rnds.$30. Lead Cast: 10mm/40SW (.401 dia) 180gn Tapered Flat Point Oregon Laser Cast Silver Lead Bullets (Glock). Only 113 rnds - Value $11 no charge if purchase of other rnds. Call Stan 208-935-1470 Kamiah prior to 4:30pm if possible please. Can meet 1/2 way Lewiston/Kamiah (Lenore?).

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