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G&H Duck & Goose Decoys Pullman
100-200 Goose shell decoys and heads. All decoys are G&H brand. 50-100 G&H floating Mallard Decoys All of the decoys are about 25-30 years old. Some of the goose shells have been chipped slightly, so I'm willing to break them up in terms of quality and sell them in whatever size lot you like. Because the shells stack together, the paint is still in pretty good shape considering the age. There are two different sizes of decoys and heads (Magnum and Super Magnum). I would estimate there are about 2 dozen Super Magnum and 100-150 Magnum. As you can see from G&H's website, they are selling the Magnums for $130 per set of 6 and the Super Magnums for $220 I'm unsure on how many Mallard decoys there are, but I would guess it to be pretty close to 100. I'm not sure specifically which line there are, but if I had to guess they are probably the Standard Stationary Mallard. They sell new for about $130 per dozen. I'm looking to move these these, so if you are interested please let me know what type and how many you are looking for. If you'd like to buy in bulk please let me know and we can make a deal. Prices are: Mallard Decoys - $50 OBO per dozen Magnum Goose - $80 OBO per dozen for good set (no plastic chipped off anywhere) - $50 OBO per dozen if there are defects Super Magnum Goose - $100 OBO per dozen for good ones -$60 OBO per dozen if there are defects Call or text! I prefer no phone calls initially as I would during the day and cannot always take calls. I answer texts and emails much quicker. Text at Five Zero Nine - Five Nine Five - Four Two Zero Five.

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