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Mini dachshund Moscow
We purchased a mini dachshund quite a while back now. She had a severe dental disease and rotten teeth into her jaw. Super underweight and obviously after we got her and spent time with her that night, among finding her mouth issues realized she had been abused as well. Day 2 of owning her she went to the vet. They said she needed teeth removed and antibiotics and that she had been abused. We had no idea how bad it was going to be. She went to her very expensive vet appointment and they had to remove ALL of her teeth. She has 0 teeth left. She also had 2 rounds of antibiotics before the infection finally was healed in the jaw. She is only 4 years old. She is spayed and has all her shots. She is a purebred mini red dachshund. She is a huge sweetheart. She loves to sleep and cuddle 24/7. She is 100% healthy and is a happy loving dog now. Problem is she does not like our toddler. She's terrified of him. She isn't mean to him. She's just absolutely scared of him, all his loud noise and she's anxious. She likes our older kids. She would be best suited for an older person who wants a lap dog of for a therapy dog for their older child or adult. She literally eats sleeps and loves. She doesn't bark. She has no bad habits. She's Leary of new people and her new owner needs to understand that. She doesn't bite. Just new people scare her at first. It took about a week for me to gain her complete trust and love and she's been glued to me like a tick since. Her vet bills cleared the 1500$ range. I'm asking the new owner to pay a fee of 200$ to make sure someone is serious about her. She needs a moist diet. Canned or wet with hard food mixed in. The vet said she could eat normal tiny breed hard food but I've spoiled her on here tiny breed kibble mixed in with wet natural food. She has no allergies. Hips and back are great. Her teeth the vet said was probably genetic and being fed really bad dog food. That and not being cared for. Her past owner was shady and gave me a lot of different stories. We planner to keep her forever and she's attached to me but I don't want her scared of my child and I can't help that. She needs and deserves a quiet life with lots of loves and to be spoiled rotten. Just a lap, to sleep under the covers and lots of petting and she's In love. She will be whiny if you don't put her in bed with you and she doesn't get to sleep under the covers in your arms like a baby. Please if you think you can love this pup and give her what she needs. Contact me through email or text first 2085030116.

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