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Selling My CZ Gear: Knife, Clock, Range Bags, Caps, Gloves. Clarkston
I've sold every CZ but one as it was a gift. ======================================== Do have the folowing for sale: CZ-USA Wall clock 11x11 inches. Works like well, a swiss watch. See pic. They only made a few of them. so you will never see another one for sale. $55 ========================================= CZ-USA black shooter's cap. Has some slight wear on it from storage, but never worn: $30 ====== CZ-USA Khaki Shooter's CAP. Great for Summer, but I've never worn it. $30 ============================================ CZ SHOOTING GLOVES, Size XL and black on color with CZ logo.$45 ------------------------------------- CZ-USA Beanie Hat, black in color:$25 -------------------------------------------- CZUB Cleaning Cloth Towel. Black in color with CZUB and CZ on it : $30 You will never see another one for sale in the states. ================================================ CZUB Beaver Knife. Liner lock (with belt clip) Tactical Folder that was a special run at the CZ factory. 420 Stainless steel blade with the CZUB Logo on it: $190 -------Same price as I just sold my also special CZ run Benchmade for. ----They only made a few of them. so you will never see another one for sale.===== ------------CZ-USA/DAN WESSON Range Bag Never used it much as I prefer a smaller bag, Ask for dimmensions and pics. Superb condition and you wouldn't have to pay shipping from CZ-USA if they still have them in stock.Has straps and pockets, all intact. $45 -------------------------------------- CZ-USA/DAN WESSON Annuals. These are in new condition from 2015-2018 with 2 CZUB Patches and a couple pins and a P-07 or P-09 key fob.$45 --------------------Beretta logo cap. White in color..never worn. $25---All of my caps for sale are adjustable for size.--WOLFF AMMO RANGE BAG-Black and red in color-Not made anymore. Zippers are and bag in superb condition, great for the Wolff Ammo shooter-----------$40---------------- Should you buy from me, I'll give you a Free 2018 CZ/Dan Wesson catalog.--- No Shipping at this time. Ask for pics of all items. I might be listing some Team CZ and other shirts later--Same for CZ Books---------------

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